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The other half will be heard 

Who will represent the other half of District 4 citizens? That's right conservative voters of District 4, if you look to your right and look to your left, hypothetically, those neighbors voted against re-electing Lynn Compton. Every other neighbor voted either to accept the policies of Lynn Compton or accept the policies of Jimmy Paulding, and 31 voters decided the outcome of this election.

Out of 18,000 votes, that's within the statistical margin of error. In other words, 31 voters could have mistakenly marked Lynn Compton instead of Jimmy Paulding. Those voters could have been mistakenly swayed to think Lynn Compton was a Democrat through the deceptive mailer that identified her as a Democrat. Either way, half of the citizens of District 4 are left out in the cold because Lynn Compton has announced, "I look forward to representing them [her voters] again for another term to accomplish our mutual goals."

One would think that a candidate who lost 1,800 votes from the last election to this one would be more consolatory and compromising to the other half. That doesn't seem to be the case. So buckle your seat belts SLO County, because "the other half" is going to be heard.

Steve Lacki

District 4

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