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Thanks from a college student 

San Luis Obispo

As a 20-year-old college student, I would like to thank the Tea Party for all they have done for my generation. Take, for example, fighting to “wean me off” of Social Security, so I can die of starvation, rather than something boring like cancer. Also for fighting to eliminate the debt by cutting spending, killing as many public sector jobs as possible, simplifying my life by freeing me from having to send government employers my résumé when I graduate.

Thank you for being so concerned about this debt that you ignore the debt so many students will have to suffer due to increases in tuition at UCs on the account of the “absolutely no new taxes” policy of California Republicans, even on those pesky non-deer hunting elites. Yes, bravo, Tea Party, for putting families and students in debt to cover the debt of a government you hate so much.

But hold your applause, as this may actually go against your doctrine, as more college students in debt means less money spent on business services and products, which means less jobs, which means less money, which means less taxes, which means less money to cover the debt. (And that little equation didn’t take my calculus class I skipped out on as a liberal arts major.) So when my generation writes the history books, I will put in a good word for you guys, along with how you rammed this country into the ground.

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