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Survey the surveyors 

Santa Maria

I had two uninvited, and ultimately unwelcome, visitors knock on my door recently. Their stated intentions were to “conduct a survey” about Proposition 8, the upcoming ballot measure that would reverse recent judicial and legislative decisions which open the state of marriage to any couple seeking it. The visitors soon revealed that they were not at my door to conduct a survey, but were canvassing my household and the homes of neighbors in a deceitful campaign to support Proposition 8.

I initially expressed my opinion that I believe that marriage should be available to two loving people wishing to make a life-long commitment, regardless of gender, religious beliefs, or society’s opposition. My opinion was met with exchanged glances between the two strangers at my door, and their responses left me feeling angry and defensive of my gay friends.

After I expressed my opinion to my “visitors,” I was told they were not here to argue with the point. What troubles me about their visit to my home is that their prejudice is strong enough to have emboldened them to knock on my door in the first place. I look forward to the time when discrimination and prejudice in all forms disappear from our society.

Proposition 8 is a rude reminder that we, as a society, have not come far enough from the discrimination and exclusion we have fought against for decades. Why are people living in fear of homosexuals? They do not threaten marriage as an institution, nor do they knock on doors attempting to infiltrate otherwise happy households. Live and let live; as Jesus preached, try to love all people unconditionally, without prejudice, and without judgment. The fact that the man at my door turned to leave, with a Bible behind his back, leaves me to wonder just what kind of Christians knock on doors to further a hateful campaign against gay and lesbian couples.

The irony of the purported survey was that these people only wanted to ask one question, and when I didn’t agree, they promptly fled without further debate. I wish I had asked their names, credentials, or their religious affiliation, so that I, too, could question them about their intentions regarding individual rights.

I am sorry to say that I responded rather weakly to the survey, I was taken by surprise in my home by two people hoping to find other narrow-minded persons to agree with them. I didn’t have the opportunity to say all that I would, but I can ask this much as a spiritual human being, “What would Jesus do?” Anticipating a judgmental response from two people who felt justified in their campaign against gay, lesbian, and human rights, I want to say, “Shame on you.”

Beware of people posing as surveyors for Proposition 8 coming to your door: They are not what they seem.

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