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I hate insurance companies. Let me explain. Let’s start with car insurance. You pay your car insurance each and every month in case you get in an accident. Then you get in an accident. The insurance company balks at having to pay anything. Next, you can guarantee your monthly fee will go up, or
the insurance company may drop you as a bad risk.     


Now, let’s talk about health insurance.
Health insurance companies are all about making money: billions and billions and billions of dollars. To keep profits high, they make sure to not cover you if your health problems are too severe. If you submit a claim, health insurance companies will make it difficult, and you can be sure they will work doggedly to make sure there was no “preexisting condition.” Our lives and our health should never be overseen by an organization whose main goal is to make a profit. Health care is inefficient in the United States and it’s inordinately expensive. It is just plain wrong for an elderly person to have to eat at McDonald’s to be able to afford pills that cost $200 each. At the root of our screwed-up health system are insurance companies.

     Our country has an opportunity with what President Obama is proposing to change how health insurance companies operate. The insurance companies have one hand in our pockets, while giving money with the other hand to politicians and enormously expensive advertisements. It’s time for a change. Our lives and our health are what matter most. Our money should go to doctors, and treatments, and medicines—
not wheeling dealing, money-making insurance companies. I support President Obama’s work to make our health care system equitable for all.

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What should the San Simeon CSD do to continue its obligations?

  • Divest—they can't pay for water and wastewater responsibilities.
  • Dissolve—they can't properly handle what a governing body should.
  • Focus on getting grants and raising rates to pay for their capital projects.
  • I didn't even know San Simeon had a government.

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