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Starkey's not fair to Candye

I understand why newspapers allow writers to be expressive and sensational. I’m not sure it was fair or necessary for writer Glen Starkey to focus only on my breasts for the first two paragraphs of his first write-up of my show in SLO last weekend (only one paragraph focused only on the music) but I appreciated the mention in the paper and do believe that any press is good press. Starkey doesn’t seem to mention the anatomy or attire of any of the males in his previews and that seems puzzling—but being “fair” has never really been a prerequisite for journalists.

However, he goes further by saying my only “super power is that of invoking pity” and how I “have no sense of humor about my breasts” and “issued a fatwa” against him. I find these remarks even more offensive than the first batch. I would never issue a fatwa against anyone. My show and my personal philosophy is all about healing, empowerment, optimism, and kind words and thought whether they are deserved or not. I do think words are important and my words in many of my songs reflect that: “The Toughest Girl Alive,” “I’m a Super Hero,” “I’m not getting older—I’m getting better,” etc.

My reference to the power of words was never about Mr. Starkey and is a standard rap during my show. I have played numerous parties for writer and healer Louise Hay who also appreciates my use of positive affirmation and positive language. Obviously, I do not have super powers but I am sure Mr. Starkey knows that pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers around. The fact that I am still alive and maintaining a vigorous tour schedule worldwide, just two years after cancer, is newsworthy in itself. Surviving pancreatic cancer and talking about it inspires many audiences around the world. In SLO alone, I had three different people come up to me after the show who are facing cancer struggles in their lives and were appreciative that I shared my story on the bandstand. I don’t understand Starkey’s need to describe my empowering show as a “pity party” and find it insulting.

 Most upsetting is the fact that I wrote personally to Mr. Starkey thanking him for taking the photo of me at the show and pointing out that he is a fine writer who perhaps could use his mastery of the language to be inspirational instead of sensational. He chose to ignore my e-mail and attack me again in your paper!

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