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Solutions at Cal Poly shouldn't involve forced actions 

If only more people would enforce the 28th amendment to the Constitution. Thou shalt not ever hear or see or be made to feel anything offensive

The whole saga around the Free Speech Wall is fraught with irony. But if we do wish to in some way do something that will make all involved feel better, how about creating something meaningful? Rather than drafting a wish list, what about thinking and acting in a solution-oriented way? How is this for a five-minute brainstorming session … ?

Create an independent organization, outside of school. Have it be completely voluntary (that means you don’t force people to participate or agree with you). You could have it consist of one, or a series of, online courses or seminars on gender/race/sex/religion/unicorns/equality/cats.  

And after completing that course, you could then present the person with a fancy plaque or nifty button or sticker, which they could then proudly display. Showing that they are such staunch supporters of, let’s say unicorns, and that they took the online course or went to the seminar.

Now at this point, you have enlisted the power of the free market. So all the students that hold unicorns in such high regard, can go high-five all the other people wearing their unicorn button. Or they can go attend classes by that one awesome professor who displays his unicorn sticker on his classroom door.

So now you would have effectively created something positive and possibly meaningful, without enlisting coercion and forcing people to try and look through the lens in which you see the world. Students could ask why their professor hasn’t received his unicorn certification and choose to take that course with another instructor. Or, wholesale take their college dollars elsewhere where the majority of the faculty is unicorn approved!

Look through the humor. There is a solution there. Not the solution, but a solution. And something of that sort will garner far more support than a list of demands.

Mandatory curriculum. Forcing ideas, however righteous you feel they are, in an effort to bring people around to your way of thinking rarely endears people to your cause. 

Focus on meaningful action, things you can accomplish. A list of demands is asking someone to deal with your problem for you. Think how empowered you would be if you created the solution to your own problem.

And lastly, selfishness. Selfishness isn’t doing what you want to do. It is wanting others to do what you want to do. Don’t be selfish. 

-- Ivan Loomis - Cayucos

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