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So many questions about Russia and Trump 

Vladimir Putin's goal is to weaken the United States by using President Donald Trump. In order to propel Trump into the White House, Russian hackers infiltrated United States political organizations. The Kremlin used sensitive information to undermine Hillary Clinton. In addition, Russian hackers used American social media to influence the American electorate to vote for Trump.

This raises the question. Why Trump? The Russian dictator possibly has information that could severely damage Trump. It is clear that Trump and several team members, five of whom have been indicted, have ties to several influential Russian elitists. In addition, Trump's goal is to extend his commercial empire to Russia. Does Trump owe tens of millions of dollars to Kremlin banks and Russian oligarchs? Does he have something to conceal?

When one pieces the puzzle together, a vivid picture emerges of the Trump-Putin relationship.

Why did Trump yank the Russian incursion of Ukraine plank out of the 2016 GOP platform? Why does Trump continue to refuse to chastise Putin? Why does Trump threaten to pull out of NATO under the pretext that its members do not pay their fair share?

Why did Trump announce that ISIS had been defeated and that United States troops would be withdrawn? That left Russia alone in Syria.

Why did Trump announce that he would terminate the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty? Western missiles would no longer be pointed at Russia.

Why did Trump refuse to have a note-taker and translator present each time when he met with Putin? Why did Trump grab the transcript from the Russian translator?

This is neither a Republican nor a Democratic issue. It is an American issue. Putin is emerging the winner. He is using Trump to isolate the United States from its allies.

James Huchthausen


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