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Regarding the commentary “Let it die” in your Jan. 15 issue [about refusing to convert to digital television reception] Mr. Howe is right. However, to me, a more important issue arises: cable TV. Cable companies have been fleecing the public for years, but now the abuse has become borderline criminal. Take, for example, Charter charging the customer to watch paid advertising infomercial “programs.” Am I the only one who sees the duplicity involved here? Charter is receiving monies from both the advertiser and the customer for the same airtime, which isn’t mentioned in any of their own ads. It adds up to hundreds of hours a month that you and I are paying for.

I don’t have a problem with the normal amount of interruptions I’ve grown accustomed to, however these extended infomercials take up huge blocks of time that we pay for. Not fair. If I’m going to pay premium prices for content, I want premium content 24 hours a day. I’m canceling cable and going freestyle. Netflix, here I come. Oh, and Charter, about your ads, I don’t need my penis enlarged, so thanks anyway.

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