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Shame on them 

San Luis Obispo

Russia recently stopped providing most of Europe with gas, leaving Europeans miserable in bitter cold, just because they accused Ukraine of stealing the gas. There was no demonstration anywhere, no one was accused of atrocities, no humanitarian crisis, and no cries of war crimes. If the same were to happen in Gaza, if Israel would stop delivery of gas to the Palestinians, there would be worldwide uproar about the humanitarian crisis and Israeli cruelty.

Israel closes her border with Gaza to combat suicide bombers and rockets coming to her civilians, and is accused of all sorts of crimes and humanitarian crises, but simultaneously Egypt does the same, even though there are no rockets launched against her, and no one blinks. Only Israel is accused for closing her borders with her enemy. Are they not at war? Why should their borders be open? Why not Egypt’s border?

Your readers’ letters (“Silence is the voice of complicity,” and “Bullies court reprisals”) in the Jan. 8 issue did exactly the same. Is it not because Israelis are Jews? Did your readers complain about the suicide bomber who just blew up 40 mosque-goers in Baghdad? No. Did they complain about 5,000 rockets launched at Israel since Israel completely left Gaza? No. Did they complain about Hamas launching these rockets from civilian areas into civilian areas to maximize death? No.

Shame on these people who have such double standards when it comes to Jews or Israelis.

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