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Republican condemnation indicates a lack of stability 

Arroyo Grande

D. Duane Wall II of Cambria certainly stuck his political foot is his mouth by endorsing discredited Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s unfortunate declaration that the attempted assassination of Democratic U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords at the Tucson massacre was caused by “the vitriol that we hear inflaming the American public by people who make a living off of doing that.” (“Violent imagery needs to stop, or the violence won’t,” Jan. 13).

Wall continues his diatribe, claiming the “consequences blazed forth on the morning of Jan. 8, as innocents were assassinated and savagely murdered in a Safeway parking lot in a hail of semiautomatic gunfire by a homegrown terrorist, complete with his right-wing-inspired ‘this U.S. Administration isn’t legitimate’ rhetoric posted on the Internet.” That “Right-wing commentators who relentlessly encourage violence and inflame anti-government hatred … should rethink their imagery of guns and the violent overthrow of our government. For indeed, there have now been consequences. And there will be yet more violent consequences if they don’t stop.”

The evidence, as now confirmed, is the massacre was caused by a deranged individual—not by a right wing ideologue. Wall’s leap to a conclusion disparaging Republicans appears to be a psychic reaction that is most probably “the consequence” of the Democrats’ severe defeat in the last election—the unquestionable rejection of Obama’s surge and healthcare legislation. Wall’s leap condemning Republicans indicates the same lack of stability that possessed the shooter. Both Wall and the assassin knew what they were doing and were wrong, very wrong!

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