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Read the news before you criticize! 

San Luis Obispo

If you’re studying “Demagoguery 101” this semester, then Robert Scot’s ridiculous diatribe (“Shame’s last name is Obama,” Oct. 20) is required reading.

Scot claims “‘Occupy Wall Street’ is no grassroots silent majority middle America movement.” Incorrect! These protesters are mostly ordinary Americans angry about unemployment, debt, health care, retirement, and the growing gap between rich and poor. The Social Security Administration recently reported 50 percent of U.S. workers earned less than $26,364 last year. There were fewer jobs, and overall pay was trending down—except for the nation’s wealthiest. Current polls show public support of “Occupy Wall Street” at 37 to 54 percent, while only 28 percent support the Tea Party.

Scot claims the purpose of the protests is to support President Obama’s re-election bid. Wrong again. Doyle McManus (L.A. Times, Oct. 20) writes, “At this point, most of the Occupy Wall Street folks don’t appear to want anything to do with Obama, or any other office holder, for that matter.” One protester stated, “We don’t want to associate with politicians because that would just divide people.”

Scot says the folks focusing on these important economic issues are “gullible” and “just plain stupid.” Really? Do you ever read the news? California’s Attorney General has reportedly just served subpoenas to Bank of America’s Countrywide Financial subsidiary, which allegedly sold investments backed by risky mortgages to investors in California under false pretenses. Such dishonest practices—endorsed widely by the GOP, and also by some Democrats—created this financial mess in the first place.

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