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Morro Bay

In response to Rory Kremer’s alleged mistreatment by a member of the Morro Bay Yacht Club, we would like to apologize (“Sail Away,” Letters, Aug. 28, 2008). Although this is very rare, with nearly 500 members, and hundreds of visitors, there are bound to be occasional personality conflicts.

Mr. Kramer’s story about reaching Morro Bay after a long ocean passage is not an unusual one. Morro Bay Yacht Club hosts over 300 guest boats annually, all coming from long ocean passages. Most guests are happy with the warm welcome, clean facilities, helpful members, and the fact that we accommodate all ocean-transiting vessels, regardless of yacht club affiliation. Our reputation for being one of the friendliest yacht clubs is known up and down the coast.

As for MBYC “catering to dinghy racers,” he is absolutely correct. We do cater to dinghy racers, kayakers, power-boaters, and ocean sailors. We proudly promote all forms of recreational boating.

As for his concern about “clogging the bay with little boats” this can be an issue. As part of our community outreach, MBYC has multiple programs designed to introduce the public to the sport of sailing. Our Summer Sailing Program has taught over 125 members of our community to sail this summer alone. We also provided multiple scholarships to get deserving families into the program. We also have an active Jr. Yacht Club, which accepts children, (MBYC membership is not required) ages 8 to 18. When you combine this with our large ocean fleet, visiting yachts, and all other non-yacht club traffic, the waters off MBYC can become congested at times. As long as everyone remains respectful and obeys the rules of the road, there is plenty of room in Morro Bay for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you on the water.

-- John Schmidt - Commodore, Morro Bay Yacht Club - Morro Bay Yacht Club Board of Directors

-- John Schmidt - Commodore, Morro Bay Yacht Club

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