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Our government is crumbling to insurrectionists 

Two years ago, insurrectionists invaded the Capitol to overthrow the government. Hours later, a majority of one party in the House of Representatives voted in concert with them to overturn the recent election and invited more to join them, as they have. Now, an anarchy/chaos faction in that party is turning its destructive impulse inward against it, wrecking its capacity to govern.

Thus, the insurrection of 2021 continues into 2023 and beyond. The physical sabotage has now invaded the people's house, intent on weakening the legislative branch and the people's will. This cedes more power to the executive branch to rule during congressional paralysis, aiding the march toward authoritarianism.

We've been warned about the precipice on which we stand, crumbling into the abyss of factionalism and fascism, eroding with paranoia, lies, and anger. From the beginning, we've known our democratic republic is fragile, dependent on an informed, engaged, and cohesive citizenry.

Whether the people of this country will act with the necessary vigor to defend their right to self-determination, or surrender it to those who divide and conquer to gain power, prestige, and riches remains to be seen.

In the face of this assault, complacency is complicity.

E pluribus unum.

David Broadwater


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