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New Times printed hateful propoganda 

To the editor of New Times,

I am absolutely appalled at what your "newspaper" has done. You recently printed, and mass distributed, anti-Jewish propaganda, which you knew to be false, and placed it on the cover of your paper ("Roar of resistance," Oct. 26). On top of all this, you choose to do this two weeks after the most brutal massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust.

This is despicable. You should be ashamed of what you have done.

Where is the condemnation of the killings of 1,400 Jews who were slaughtered, raped, mutilated, burned alive, and kidnapped? Did you just forget to mention that? Yes, you did.

Would you have printed an article praising Osama Bin Laden two weeks after the World Trade Centers were attacked? Well that's exactly what you just did.

You know who else used to do this? The Nazis. And yes, it is that bad. Your paper is that bad. And you approved it?

I have never read such a one-sided article, full of lies and libel, from any newspaper, until I read that. How you could allow this to be printed is beyond my understanding. Any sense of journalistic integrity your paper may have had is now completely gone forever.

I demand a retraction, and an apology.

You should know better than this. You're supposed to be the editor of a newspaper.

Now, you're just the editor of a tabloid.

Shame on you.

Benjamin Ross Frimmer

Morro Bay

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