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Mr. Kobara must have brain damage 

Hey Steve T. Kobara, have you been hit in the head really hard recently? ("I will not miss Steve," Letters, May 12-19.)

What else can explain your incredibly ignorant and crude letter written last week about Steve Moss? You write, "I take no pleasure in Mr. Moss' passing, but feel the community has lost little."

How can you say Mr. Moss has contributed little to the community? He started the community newspaper! Mr. Moss' business has also employed hundreds of people over the years. Mr. Kobara, what have you done for the community?

You then insult Steve by saying, "Perhaps if Mr. Moss had not abused alcohol, he might've lived past 56."

For the record, Steve Moss died of a seizure, completely unrelated to alcohol abuse. Who are you and how can you write such nonsense about a man who has helped so many people over the years, a man who started something that you apparently turn to every week? I will agree with you on one thing, Mr. Kobara - New Times sometimes prints disrespectful articles with no manners, morals, or common sense; like your letter you wrote last week. What other paper would allow such a letter to be printed about the founder of the paper currently being run by people who are grieving over Steve Moss' death?

No paper would run such a thing, despite knowing how wrong you are, but you know what, Mr. Kobara? That is what makes New Times New Times, and that is how Steve Moss would want it to be.


Aaron Steed

CEO, Meathead Movers

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