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Let's keep a 1 percent aristocracy from forming 

Arroyo Grande

I am opposed to HR 2584, the Interior Appropriations budget bill (“Worst. Bill. Ever.” Aug. 18).

This is just more proof that the Tea Party Republicans in the House are at war not only with the American worker and the American people (unless they are very wealthy or represent big business), but also with the American land and wildlife.

Congress is a rotten apple. We need to dig out the rotten portion and put it under a spotlight for the American voter to see the truth.

When bills such as this one are introduced by the Tea Party, we need to bring this to the attention of the media like CNN and the newspapers. This is the only way to counter the stream of lies on which the Republicans base their candidacies. The American voter needs more than just slick ads containing small quotes taken out of context when they go to the polls next year. Let’s expose the Tea Party radical lying thugs for what they are. With them out of congress, Obama and the Democrats would be able to gets bills passed to help improve the lot of all Americans, not destroy the country so a few rich business men can get even richer. I recently read in a book titled Rich Dad, Poor Dad that the new golden rule is that the rules are made by the rich, about the rich, and for the rich. No one else even figures in the equation. Let’s make this country a democracy again before we end up with an aristocracy consisting of the top 1 percent of the nation and the rest of us peasants.

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