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Let oil's price reflect its true cost 


Jim Hansen, leading climate scientist, said the Earth has a big blanket over it and its temperature is increasing. That is the effect of greenhouse gas on the planet. As the temperature rises, the warmer atmosphere causes dramatic weather events, as have been evidenced by recent droughts and flooding. The first half of summer 2012 is the hottest on record, igniting the global warming alarmists. According to Hansen, the diurnal cycle of daytime sunlight, followed by reradiating heat into the atmosphere at night, should be a balanced equation: Sun in = heat out. Increased use in fossil fuel lessens the amount of heat radiated out; it is building up in the Earth, hence: global warming.

The Earth acts like a battery, storing energy in the form of heat. Right now, the stored energy in the Earth will take five years to dissipate if no more is added. Driving cars that use gasoline means we’ll be charging our Earthly battery well into the future, like it or not. Mr. Hansen’s answer is obvious: Stop using fossil fuels! Practically speaking, he wants the true cost of energy be reflected in the price—that is, add in the cost of pollution, health effects, climate change, environmental damage, and we will all begin to find ways to conserve. The real “free market” will bring about change.

The oil barons, who already built their castles, think they are impervious to the worst catastrophe in human history; beyond denial, their greed is absolute.

-- David Deick - Atascadero

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