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Law of reaction 

The Paso Robles anti-science knuckle-draggers are at it again, now protesting an AP Chemistry textbook because it makes a few references to the United Nations global sustainability goals. Enough already! Maybe these parents should just homeschool their kids before their children discover the Earth isn't 6,000 years old but 4.6 billion. Sorry, but sweet baby Jesus didn't bury dinosaur bones to confuse you.

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The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District (PRJUSD), a perpetual source of amusement for those of us living in reality, is once again embroiled in a wholly avoidable controversy driven by micromanaging parents.

The board ultimately voted 3-2 to accept the new text, Chemistry: the Central Idea, though dissenting Trustee Dorian Baker complained about what she sees as "the trend towards politicizing our academic subjects," adding, "just because we're feeling pressure to get a new textbook doesn't mean we have to do it at the expense of academic truth."

What's academically untruthful about an international collective of 193 sovereign nations working together to maintain peace and security, and promote social progress, better living standards, and human rights, who collectively generate ideas about how to keep our planet habitable? It's time to acknowledge your knee-jerk reaction is paranoia-driven fearmongering and hysteria.

"We are not governed by the UN, nor did you take an allegiance to the UN," one parent Chicken Littled to the board. "You took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the USA."

Is offering—as Paso High's AP Chemistry teacher Evan Holtz wrote in a rebuttal—"real world applications of major chemistry topics" now anti-American simply because the example mentioned the UN?

This latest kerfuffle might be easily batted away as more parental overreaction, but with the impending special election for an open seat on the PRJUSD board, the voices of reason on the board are at risk of being overrun by additional ignorant nonsense from candidate Kenney Enney, who was on the board briefly before being removed via petition after he expressed his anti-trans views and the idea that parents of trans kids are abusive for allowing their children to express themselves.

Here's what's deeply hypocritical. Enney thinks allowing parents to support kids' trans identification is parental overreach, but he's upset that parents weren't given sufficient voice in a textbook adoption.

"I did have a problem with the way the chem textbook was approved," Enney told New Times. "My biggest concern wasn't the UN stuff—although I felt that was propaganda in there—but my biggest concern was that parents were excluded in the process."

So parents—most of whom probably couldn't tell the difference between ionization, chemical kinetics, redox reaction, isomerism, quantum numbers, or mole concepts—should be able to micromanage chemistry textbook decisions, but they shouldn't be allowed to love and support their trans kids? Do I have that right?

And scientific discussion of global climate change is propaganda? Huh?

It's near impossible to reasonably discuss anything, much less science, when you can't agree on facts and reality. And for the record, the current adoption process allowed a two-week public review of the text, which was chosen by a 25-teacher committee. It wasn't a sneaky process.

Then we have the other candidate, Angela Hollander, who said, "Some of this stuff is a parent rights thing. Yes, I believe in parents' rights. I also believe in the children's right, and I believe in my right for my child to read something even if you don't want your kid to read it."

So, the choice is between reasonable and extra wackadoodle, eh? If a few mentions of the UN in a chemistry book are going to indoctrinate your child in America-destroying leftist philosophy, maybe AP Chemistry isn't the class for Zog Jr.

Speaking of dysfunction, how's it going in Oceano? Just about as you'd expect ... a bunch of competing groups who can't come to a consensus except over one thing: Their new District 4 SLO County Supervisor Jimmy Paulding made a big mistake trying to get the various factions to temporarily drop their vitriol over driving off-highway vehicles at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA) and the fate of Oceano Airport.

In an attempt at unification, Paulding wrote a letter urging the recently decertified Oceano Advisory Council (OAC), the current county-recognized Vitality Advisory Council of Oceano (VACO), and the Oceano Economic Development Council (OEDC) to stop bickering and make "a conscious choice not to pursue certain controversial goals in the interim, and instead, to work together around common goals that will result in meaningful and tangible improvements to the community of Oceano."

He expected the various groups to sign it like a contract: "The undersigned parties hereby agree to abide by the attached Code of Civility."

In other words, go sit in opposite corners, children, and be quiet!

So, how'd that go, Jimmy?

"There is a general discomfort in VACO to sign a document that says other members can't openly and passionately express their views on the airport and OHV," VACO member Adam Verdin told New Times.

"I was not comfortable with [the clause], and I certainly wasn't going to sign an agreement like that as an individual," former OAC chair and current OCSD board Director Charles Varni said.

Maybe allowing Grover Beach to annex Oceano isn't as crazy as it sounds. Δ

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