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Help Morro Bay's new council get things done 

People have asked me what happened on Sept. 12 at the special meeting because they were appalled at the mob behavior that they saw on TV. There was so much hatred and abuse and threats that could have turned to violence. This did not have to happen, but I suspect the city attorney and city manager participated in an effort to publicly pressure our elected officials that stirred up a mob, and they were helped by a small minority that lost control in the last election.

I have lived in Morro Bay for 54 years and have attended more city council meetings than I can count, and I want to describe the two groups that we have in Morro Bay. One group is the majority that just wants to live in a beautiful place, and a lot of them come from other California cities that have been ruined for them by the same kind of people who are the minority in our city. This minority group thinks our city is their sandbox that they can control. Their bottom line is greed, often at the expense of the majority. They lost that control in the election of 2012, and they will do anything to get it back.

You might ask what the minority has done. How about the millions of dollars wasted trying to build a wastewater treatment plant in a location they would never get a permit for, using contractors and consultants with inadequate or no competitive bidding? Our newly elected council has stopped that outrageous waste of our money and is forging ahead to get a new wastewater treatment plant as quickly as possible.

How about all the variances that have been granted in the past that ended up with crowding and loss of views? How did so many things get built on the Embarcadero that don’t belong on the waterfront and don’t have any parking? How about the lawsuits that citizens have to resort to to stop permits given without proper oversight?

The list is endless.

In June 2012, people voted for a change. I support the newly elected council and will try to help them accomplish their goals. I hope you will too.

-- Dorothy Cutter - Morro Bay

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