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Have compassion for a fellow human being 

This letter is in response to Joe Erikat ("Steve who?" Letters, May 12-19) and Steve Kobara ("I will not miss Steve," Letters, May 12-19).

What the hell is wrong with you two? It's your kind of insensitive callousness toward the life and death of a fellow human being that makes it clear to me why the world is in the state its in.

I may not have known who Steve Moss was, but I know the little paper he helped create very well. New Times is a piece of the fabric that makes up your local community. I did not know Alex Madonna, either. I often disagreed with some of his ideas for our city, and I really do not like the color pink. Nevertheless, Mr. Madonna was a part of our community. I would never have had the audacity to begrudge the community, his friends, or family for grieving his passing.

As for you, Mr. Kobara, your "manners, morals, and common sense" certainly did not come through in your letter. I believe the New Times has always been and will continue to be a publication that strives to "mirror community opinion," even when those opinions do not agree with one another. Furthermore, I disagree with you on your position regarding "swill." The mere fact that New Times was gracious enough to publish your letter proves there is, in fact, a small place for "swill."

It's people like you and Mr. Erikat who seem to lack empathy and compassion that will not be missed. Goodbye to both of you!


Karen M. Davenport


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