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Hate is no divine belief 

Arroyo Grande

I wonder how many church congregations and self-proclaimed religious leaders are responsible for the Sunday, May 30 shooting death of abortion physician Dr. George Tiller? Why blame people who believe in a god? Because leaders of many, many churches in the U.S. perpetuate the hate that envelops the world today. Members support their actions and put preachers of hate on TV and radio to reach millions more.
Hate becomes contagious and gets stuck in the heads of people who see their evil actions as a god’s work. The issues from the pulpit spin around banning abortion, all practical contraception for women, rights for women, rights for gays, and even Christmas.
More than anything else, it is organized religion working with other political powers that continues to promote the violations of human rights. Open any history book (or daily newspaper) and see all the evil deeds in the name of a god.
It was not just one man who killed Dr. Tiller. It was all the hate mongers of organized religion. They justify their actions by twisting the alleged words of an alleged god for their own personal political gain. It is good that enlightened “peaceful” people don’t believe in killing preachers and bombing churches. Those acts are reserved for the “right” side.

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