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Gore is cashing in 

San Luis Obispo

 Why should The Shredder wonder who might benefit from the man-made global warming scam (“Talking to myself,” Jan. 14) while the emperor of the air, Al Gore, is prancing around in his giant size 99-carbon-footprint private jet and heating his 20 room imperial castle? Follow the money. Madoff would not have needed to create his Ponzi scheme had he met Gore first.

Let’s see how it works. First you create a crisis, then you scare the masses, then you promote yourself as the only savior—for a fee, of course. Here’s the scam: Gore’s company sells indulgences to those well- healed individuals and companies whose consciences, or whatever is left of them, bother them for wearing big carbon boots. So, make them pay emperor Al some money so that they can actually keep living just as they did before, without any reduction in the “filthy” carbon (which every breathing soul spews out constantly and plants use to grow food). But they sure feel better having acted existentially.

China loves our carbon emperor Gore. After getting the rocket guidance secrets from Clinton, they now launch more satellites than the U.S. Their next claim will be through the UN for reimbursement for the “excessive” carbon U.S. emits, while they emit more than the U.S. It must bug Gore that the Chinese have already cornered two thirds of the world’s supply of lithium (think batteries for cars).

Who determined the value of the credits anyway? Why, emperor Gore himself. We’re talking billions. Here is a capitalist tip to the zero population advocates: Why not found a company that promises to not create any more carbon emitting babies by not having any? Why, every red-blooded virile American male could claim the potential of making gobs of babies, but foregoing that carbon for a fee for self- restraint and discipline even The Shredder might value.

The Shredder should  remember the story of the emperor’s clothes. Incidentally, isn’t it inconvenient that man cannot control those cyclical sunspots and the unmanageable cloud cover over the globe that keep messing with the temperature of the Earth?

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