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Good riddance to the end of days 

San Luis Obispo

While at the Laundromat recently, I overheard two regular guys—they looked educated, in their late 50s or early 60s—say with pride how afraid they were of what will happen in 2012: Since when is it holy to be proud of cowardice caused by delusional non-science? 

Is it rational to hope for the destruction of the earth and that somehow they will be saved while other good people go to hell? I think those men are addicted to fear; they have been brainwashed to be afraid of everything and of anyone who doesn’t believe as they do. I believe in God, but not the one on their minds.

Fundamentalist dogma is poisonous. In the last eight years, the neo-con fundamentalists have brainwashed their base by a three-step process: terrorize, isolate, and rescue. They terrorized the gullible with ghost stories and lies about weapons of mass destruction; they isolated them using the challenge, “You’re either with us or against us;” and  convinced them they could be rescued by war and the wealth fraudulently gained from credit scams and Reaganomics. 

The Republican politicians seem to be afraid of everything and everyone and think everything is a conspiracy. Could they be projecting from their own recent past? They have forgotten they have muscles for smiling—their frown muscles are stuck and they look pathetic. Let’s move forward.

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  • People need to learn to get over their issues themselves.

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