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Get behind the Paso water-rate plan 

Paso Robles

 A group of Paso Robles residents and businesses formed Water4Paso to support the uniform water rate that has now been adopted by Paso Robles City Council. We are an independent coalition dedicated to maintaining and conserving an adequate, affordable water supply.

 We believe that in 2004, faced with an increasingly unreliable ground water supply, the city prudently committed to paying for Nacimiento water. Now the bill must be paid. The new consumption-based water rates are the affordable way to pay for the Nacimiento water charges. Many residents who are on fixed incomes will see a reduced water bill for the same amount of water use under the new rate structure.

Under the adjusted water rates, residents will pay only for what they consume without the current $18 fixed charge for the Nacimiento pipeline construction. As a result, approximately half of residential users’ water bills, the half that uses the least water, will decrease in 2011 from their current levels and increase moderately thereafter. New development, under the plan, is to pay fully half the costs of acquiring and treating Nacimiento water.

Water4Paso has established the website to provide information on its campaign to support final passage of the adjusted rates. The group encourages individuals anxious to move ahead with support of reliable and affordable water for Paso Robles to e-mail Water4Paso at [email protected] to find out how they can help in this critical community effort.

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