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Faulty recall 

Gov. Newsom did not cause California's problems, as recall candidates claim

I am an old man. I am without any impressive credentials. I am simply attempting to think things through. What I have are questions about the Gov. Gavin Newsom recall election.

It is a challenge for me to understand why the Republican Party pushed through the easy-to-obtain Newsom recall election 14 months before the next general election. It also is a challenge for me to understand that in doing so, why the fiscally conservative Republican Party did not consider the reported estimated $276 million California taxpayer cost for the recall election, a cost that amounts to $7 for each Californian. And that does not include the massive and unnecessary campaign monies being spent for this unnecessary recall election.

The real California cost consideration is that if there are fewer than 50 percent voting "no" on the recall, any of the listed 46 recall candidates could possibly be elected governor with only an extreme minority of California voters voting for the winner.

I hear the opposition Republican candidates make all kinds of charges against Newsom, but I fail to hear how they could explain the way that they could do better than Gov. Newsom.

Newsom attended a birthday party at the Yountville French Laundry Restaurant without wearing a mask. True, but the party was being held outside, that was within an open-sided outbuilding, and at the time of the party Napa County was at an Orange Tier level, allowing for some indoor dining. Because the party was loud, other diners in the garden complained and the restaurant closed the glass sliding doors making the party an indoor event. Furthermore, how does one eat at a restaurant while wearing a mask?

Newsom is not responsible for the many California wildfires. Which of the recall candidates is addressing the rapid climate change and methods to slow it?

Newsom is not responsible for COVID. Who are the political, along with some religious leaders advocating for large gatherings, avoiding COVID vaccinations, and not wearing protective masks?

Newsom is not responsible for the many homeless living in California. Jobs paying less than an obtainable living wage share some responsibility. Common sense would tell the public that the historically low interest rates for buying a home are driving the home-buying prices sky-high. In addition, consider the fact that California has limited urban land for housing development (about 67 percent of California is desert and forests, and the state has nearly 40 million people). What land is available for housing development as housing demand increases? In addition, how many high-end conservative residential neighborhoods would allow high-density, low-cost housing in or near their neighborhoods? And how many of the homeless in California are recent transplants from conservative states, particularly in the American South and Midwest, with the possibility that some arrive here with one-way tickets paid by the less supportive conservative state welfare agencies?

Newsom is not responsible for the more than 36 million California registered vehicles on the roads today, and that does not include vehicles in California from other states. Yes, fuel is expensive here, for if fuel formulas to reduce pollution were not required, the state could easily slip back to the smog-covered days of the 1960s. How many communities are willing to permit oil refineries to locate in their communities? Which of the recall candidates are willing to address the need for rapid mass transit to eliminate the number of vehicles on California roads?

Newsom is not responsible for the drop in California education achievement. First, local school boards are the primary controlling governing bodies. Proposition 13, much favorable to long-holding corporate properties, has helped to reduce the educational funding levels once enjoyed by California when their educational achievement levels were the highest in the country. One needs to learn which political party was primarily responsible for reducing education funding.

So, recall candidates, tell us, the California voters, your solution to funding education.

One last note, let us consider that San Luis Obispo County had the third highest number of recall petition signers, 25,750, yet the country ranks 23rd from the highest in county population. What is the motivation? Did people signing petitions in front of supermarkets read what they were signing?

In my opinion, it is best for California voters to vote "no" on the recall election and allow some time and thought about the recall candidates' claim that all their listed California problems were caused by Gov. Newsom, and for the recall candidates to list what they propose will make California better than what it is, as well as how they will implement the proposals and pay for them. Δ

Buzz Kalkowski writes to New Times from San Luis Obispo. Send a reply through the editor at [email protected].

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