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Family separation is evidence of our slide into authoritarianism 

The United States has always prided itself on being a country that welcomes immigrants and gives them a chance to pursue the American dream with relative political security and access to education—a place where families who work hard can thrive. Now, to our mostly collective horror, our government is ripping children from their parents as they enter this country and warehousing them in ways that undoubtedly will leave lasting scars. Our president claims it is the Democrats who have forced him into enforcing these draconian policies, but we know this is simply not true.

Yes, the president authorized the return of more than 2,300 children to their parents, but there are many loopholes in that authorization, including the ability to keep these children detained for months and years while our poorly crafted immigration system grinds on. We should be asking: Just how low can he go?

Any politician who places their own re-election in front of leading from a moral, human perspective must be stopped. We want leaders who respect the sanctity of the family unit, who will not stand for the inhumane treatment of children—whether they are American citizens or undocumented migrants, whether their parents are seeking asylum or simply a better life for the family.

We must keep demonstrating, pressuring our elected officials, and making our voices heard. This is not the America we envision, and if all of us make an effort, we can change the tide by expressing our outrage on the streets and by voting to elect representatives who are not afraid to lead with their moral conscience.

See you in November at the ballot box!

Susan Dressler, Elie Axelroth

Bend the Arc

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