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Facebook, we don't want your influence anymore 

I want to make a suggestion to Facebook: Have an opt-out button, for anything political.

You and your employees could easily add an opt-out button for anything political—any mention of the Democratic, Republican parties, or mention of high-ranking politician be marked as political.

You in your own words said you could not guarantee truthful statements or quotes.

I do not need to know of the lies or someone telling me he is lying, or anybody else.

"We the people" have the right to choose what we see and read and believe in what we want to.

You were created to be a social network—family, friends keeping in touch.

You are not a news agency. We can pick and choose what networks we watch.

We lost that ability with your sponsored streaming.

I want to keep in contact with my friends and family—yes, their cats, dogs, rescues, deer in the yard, etc.

If they want me to see something, they can message me—and I get to choose to read.

I want my choice back! The younger generation is already moving away from your site.

Give me a choice that I can go and see what's happening—but not shoved down my face with sponsored ads that are even forwarded. You can keep them, but I want the choice of seeing them when I want to.

We are a year away from a very important election. You failed us miserably in 2016.

"We the people" are not stupid anymore—we are paying attention now, and we don't want or need your influences.

Go back to being that social network that you used to be, not a news (propaganda) network. We have enough of them around.

As the saying goes: We only get to see and hear what they want us to!

Well, I want to see Barbara and her horses in South Carolina and my friends shoveling snow in New York—not what you have been shoveling us!

Larry Sullivan

Los Osos

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