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Enough with the regulations, permits, and costs! 


Here the fish-composting project (“Hook, line, and sinker,” Dec. 8) is rolling along with everyone thinking how to make it work and make it work well—and guess what? The Integrated Waste Management Authority steps in and makes its regulations known—and the plan is almost in the toilet, not because it’s not working, not because it’s been shown to harm anything, but because the regulators haven’t been advised from the get-go and therefore are stepping up with their big guns to show that they know more than any of the parties involved. And of course their regulations will require several additional steps that will be more costly and therefore probably put this plan out of business completely unless the people decide that they are going to fight this ridiculous situation.

It’s not as if the general public is ignorant—we are not—but what seems to happen often in cases like these is that the participants back off because the cost of the fight is more than they can bear, and that includes permits (don’t forget the money to be made by the government from those!), the time these things take (another dollar issue on one level or another), and just plain fatigue at yet again having to go through ridiculous bureaucracy.

When are Americans going to take back our country?

-- Carol Kiessig - Templeton

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