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Do your homework, Hornaday 

Despite his lazy research, thanks to Jeff Hornaday for his willingness to at least discuss the debate over intelligent design.

Instead of searching the Internet for scholarly publications offering theories to explain the challenge of irreducible complexity — virtually none exist — he looks up the same tired urban myths, those old transitional species chestnuts that have been revealed as hoaxes or products of nonscientific extrapolation.

For us who grew up in the 1950s on depictions of simple living cells, recent strides in molecular biology have only begun to reveal the vast complexity with which even a simple virus or white cell operates. Lehigh University biology professor Michael Behe, in his book “Darwin's Black Box: the Biochemical Challenge To Evolution,� reveals the fantastic odds against even the simplest building blocks inside cells forming spontaneously.

Put simply, you don't have to believe in God to question the validity of Darwinism, but whenever you do, you get attacked as some kind of theistic thinker, and that itself reveals the tremored paleontological, archaeological, and scientific ground on which macroevolution tries to stand. Why Hornaday didn't do his homework on the fundaments of the ID debate is perplexing.

When you anger supporters of Darwinism merely by questioning the science behind it, you reveal it to be a creed, a statement of faith and not legitimate science. As North County Christian school principal Bob McLaughlin rightly recognizes, open debate is the one thing that distinguishes education from indoctrination.

Bruce Curtis - Los Osos

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