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Do the research and get educated about medicine 


It’s sad that you’re propagating the duplicitous medical establishment’s lies and disinformation, as evidenced by Kirsten Flagg’s “Support the fight” AIDS commentary (May 29).

She states “More people have AIDS in the U.S. than ever before,” and “Clearly, this is still a public health crisis,” but doesn’t reveal the real reason and who’s to blame: the medical establishment itself. While both statements are true, they shouldn’t be, because cures already exist for AIDS.

So no, “drugs [are not] vital to [AIDS] treatment.” The exact opposite is true. And of course “the virus … continues to change and resist all the pharmaceuticals we throw at it.” Duh! That’s what pathogens do when confronted by artificial treatments. That’s why drugs always eventually fail, but nature’s cures continue to work forever.

Plus they’re safe, simple, and inexpensive: the three words that strike fear into the heart of modern medicine. I’m kidding. Modern medicine doesn’t have a heart! That’s because it’s not about curing diseases, it’s about making exorbitant profits. And while continually treating symptoms is great for business, actually curing any disease would be terrible for them, since it would kill their cash cow. 

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