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Gee, I don’t know much about a ‘Water Reclamator’ device (“Investor, business partner abandon Reclamator,” July 31, 2008), but if it works and produces clean water, I’m all for it. However, the essential part of electricity that I do understand tells me that it runs my microwave and shocks me when I stick a fork in the wall outlet near the TV.

What I know about electricity is that, contrary to Jeff Lind’s assertion (“Get the facts,” Letters, Aug. 7, 2008), Thomas Edison did not invent it. No less an authority than online Wikipedia reports that electricity in various forms has been found around since, well, let’s just say ancient times.

Knowledge of discharges from electric fish was first recorded in 2750 B.C. Later Pliny the Elder and Scibonius Largus attested to the numbing effect of electric shocks delivered by catfish and torpedo rays. Similar observations were reported by Al-Jahiz in medieval Egypt. Thales of Miletos made static electricity studies around 600 B.C. Further work by Otto von Guericke, Robert Boyle, Stephen Gray, and C.F. du Fay, Benjamin Franklin, Luigi Galvani, Andr»-Marie AmpÀre, Michael Faraday, and George Ohm made contributions to the study of electricity. By the late 19th century, electrical engineering progress by Nikola Tesla, Edison, George Westinghouse, Ernst Werner von Siemens, Alexander Graham Bell, and William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, turned electricity from a scientific curiosity into an essential tool for modern life. I could go on and on.

Jeff, as a leader in the soft, grey fog known as marketing, you have at your disposal vast amounts of research sources and a pricy client budget. I hope this Reclamator works and can save the mess in which Los Osos finds itself. Ol’ Tom E. did not invent electricity and probably reinvented the wheel, but his promotion of the light bulb was superb. As a marketer, he would have also welcomed any effort on your part to get the facts first.

On the other hand, marketing has never really relief on truth, facts, or empirical research.

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