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Denial of refugees is all about the money 

Hallelujah! Our chronic do-nothing United States Congress, a crude combination of two basically inert elements that have agreed on little the last decade or two except voting themselves raises and more days off, finally coalesced into a toxic miasma to foment a combined attack on helpless Syrian refugees, thereby condemning them, including numerous helpless women and children, to continued misery and even death. This attack, headed up by the usual Republican Christian radicals, was joined by some 47 Democrat cockroaches who bravely managed to scuttle out from under their desks into the blazing light of Liberty to cast their votes and to garner their fair share of the monumental disgrace this Congress has heaped upon the United States of America.

Their noble purpose was to “protect” our own cowardly, huddled masses from the possibility that among the horde of refugees might be a terrorist or two.

In reality, the true reason is that they, along with a gang of mostly Republican Christian governors, do not want to have to pay the price of aiding the desperate refugees. Having already squandered so much of the nation’s largesse on useless wars, bailing out banks, and guaranteeing the exorbitant bonuses of their Wall Street contributors, as well as to insure that enough remains for their next raise, this concern is entirely understandable. Once again, it is all about money.

-- Mark Henry - San Luis Obispo

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