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Democrats: practice what you preach 

I’m of Mexican-American heritage and a registered Democrat. I’m also a member of the teacher’s union, which garnishes my paycheck every month and uses my hard-earned money to endorse Democratic candidates only. I voted for Dukakis in ’88, Clinton in ’92 and ’96, and Gore in 2000. However, my current disappoint isn’t toward Bush, but instead toward the Democrat Party itself!

It’s amazing to me to see the hostile, liberal faction of the Democrat Party call Michael Moore a national hero who merely exercises his right to freedom of speech. But yet these same discriminatory liberals fail to afford Sen. (D) Zell Miller the same honor when he speaks at the Republican Convention. They slander him and call him a traitor.

These angry, out-of-touch liberals also choose to ignore that there is extensive and ongoing liberal bias in network media. They think Dan Rather of CBS merely made a simple mistake, no bias here. They also regularly express anti-American sentiment, but yet then turn around and think that supporting gay marriage is the gravy train to the White House. Flip-flopping Kerry led the party of flip-flopping liberals. Liberals have a difficult time practicing what they preach: diversity, tolerance, and acceptance.

If we Democrats don’t heed Zell Miller’s words, there will be a lot more of us repeating what he said: “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat party left me.�

Miguel Rivera

[email protected]


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