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Consequences suck 

One North County school district is showing us why it was so important for small jurisdictions to change their election models from at-large to by-district.

It's all about representation.

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In the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District, the remaining two years left on an at-large seat that will shift to by-district in the next cycle will likely be occupied by Kenney Enney—a clown that just won't drown. Up by about 400 votes, with approximately 2,000 left to count in the April 18 special election, Enney—who's outspoken in his outlandish views on gender, his "championing" of parents rights, and his belief that the district superintendent led a conspiracy against him—could take back the seat he was kicked out of late last year.

His challenger, Angela Hollander, a reasonable adult with a level head, would need to win about 60 percent of the remaining votes to overtake his lead: #sad.

Luckily, him winning back his seat wouldn't tip the district's scales in his favor. And that's thanks to the 2022 election in which by-district seats were won by level-headed, reasonable adults—not conspiracy-addled minds. Well, all except for one: Laurene McCoy, who at least was only elected for a partial term. She portrays herself as "reasonable" but is solidly in the parents rights, Moms for Liberty-sphere of influence.

Stay tuned for more banter about gender, global conspiracies in textbooks, and whatever other culture war topics suit Paso school board members' fancies. But only banter, not bad decision-making (Fingers crossed!), as long as the reasonable majority holds onto its vote!

Speaking of a reasonable majority. Thank goodness for the current makeup of the SLO County Board of Supervisors, amirite? After all the hullabaloo about leaving the Integrated Waste Management Authority in 2021, spending $2 million, creating a new county waste agency, and trying to soothe the policy worries of the conservative cabal, the county's come crawling back to the authority asking to be let back in.

Why? Turns out, it's both expensive and hard to deal with waste management all by your lonesome. Duh! Not only did the county's divorce from the waste agency result in waste management fees increasing in every single city and community services district in the county, it also increased fees for those who the county served. Tsk. Tsk. Old board.

And now that the county wants back in, it sure sounds like the cities are going to decrease the power it had on the authority's board. Hah! The ramifications of bad decisions just keep on slapping 1st District Supervisor John Peschong and 5th District Supervisor Debbie Arnold in the face. I bet it's starting to sting.

As Peschong said in a recent board meeting, "Let's be honest, elections have consequences."

The consequences of the 2018 and 2020 elections will be felt through at least 2026 by some voters, thanks in part to Peschong's very own votes on the board. Let's be honest, those votes have consequences.

In addition to costing taxpayers money and other resources, his votes have wasted a ton of everyone's time, and my gears have needed constant attention. I've shredded his shitty decisions so much since he took office, my teeth started to get dull!

With a new redistricting map on the horizon after he and his fellow conservatives ramrodded the radically redrawn Patten map through in 2021, getting the county sued, losing his side an election, and costing the conservatives their board majority—some of the voters he disenfranchised in 2022 will not be able to vote until the 2026 elections. That sucks! It's more than half as long as the census cycle.

But Peschong's poor decisions didn't prevent him from whining about not getting his way during the April 18 board meeting when the new liberal board majority officially adopted a new map to replace the patently gerrymandered Patten map.

"There are no court rulings on the Patten map. They did not rule. There is no gerrymander because the court did not rule there was," he lamented.

Oh really? Is that how gerrymandering works? It didn't happen if the court didn't say it happened? Is that like if a tree falls in the forest but no one was there to hear it, it didn't make a sound?

And, really, what's wrong with forming an independent redistricting commission? Why did Arnold and Peschong vote against the county looking into how it could form one in time for the next census? It takes the onus off the patently partisan Board of Supervisors—which, let's face it, is now on a long liberal ride through at least 2024, hell-bent on undoing what it believes are the past majority's mistakes—and puts it on the cantankerous constituents, who are equally flawed but aren't up for election in the next cycle.

And then they can decide whether to adopt a map designed by some dude from South County, who also happens to fervently believe in election fraud and is now the 4th District chair for the local Republican Party. Sounds fishy, you know? Speaking of Richard Patten (Can I call you "Dick"?): he donated more than $17,000 out of his own pocket to the San Luis Obispo County Citizens Action Team, which alleged election fraud and contested election results in the county's primary and general elections last year.

Did Peschong know whose map he was voting for in 2021? Absolutely. Δ

The Shredder believes in consequences. Send some to [email protected].

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