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Check out what free-thinking science can do 

Los Osos

Regarding “We can’t let atheists go unchallenged” (July 19) by Michael Southern: You say if one does not believe in something, most people ignore the item and get on with life. Wow! And you say atheists fear all references to religion because religion undercuts their position as “free thinkers.” Wow!

Mr. Southern, I can clone my body to a 27-year-old me and download my 65 years of knowledge from my brain into my clone by free-thinking science. Can your “free thinking religion” do this,
Mr. Southern? After all, Jesus said there will be men that will do better things than he.

Atheists have free-thinking business and science and free-thinking art. Do you have free-thinking freedom, Mr. Southern? No. You’re in fear of thinking. Your controlling religions and government tell you what to think, and my hope is to give you something to think about and to get on with life.

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