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bree valle inspires students 


I am a former student of bree valle (“Drama!” May 21), but even before I was a student I was an active theatre goer. There are few other college plays that can outshine a bree production. The first show of hers I had the privilege to see, Romeo and Juliet, was so unlike any other versions of the same play that I could hardly believe the actors had even read the same script as I had. It opened my mind in a way that I never thought the over-beaten concept of Romeo and Juliet ever would again, and that is what I believe frightens the book-bound hounds barking for bree valle’s blood (or, I suppose, job).

When I first got the gift of being bree’s student we worked on a play (God’s Country) that opened my eyes beyond my admittedly sheltered life. I began to see things in the world my eyes had slid over in ignorance. I left rehearsal every day wanting to go back to see what else she thought of, to see how the actors responded and contributed to the production that began to form under her hands. The rehearsals were long, but after the first or second one, you knew what to expect and how to prepare. The actors would live two lives, that of their character and that of reality. As time went on, I saw how the brilliant work came together and how such a phenomenal performance could come alive.

bree is an inspiration and very obviously sees things in a different way. These plays allow us to see a mixture of how she sees things and a flavoring of the actors’ pure inspiration from her. Someone who can show us such a different view of the world, and not even candy coat it to make it go down easier, and  just open your eyes to the intensely beautiful, irrepressibly carnal, and fantastically intense world—someone like that should not be dismissed.

bree has clearly shown that she has so much more to teach and so much more to share, and I for one would like to future generations to experience what she has to offer.

-- Christina Alanis - San Luis Obispo

-- Christina Alanis - San Luis Obispo

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