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Blame Republicans 

Santa Margarita

Play it again, Sam. You know the tune; it’s the one about “tax cuts.” Apparently it’s the only song that you and Abel and the rest of the Republicans know.

The State of California is breathing its last breath and the corporate vultures are circling overhead. This is what you wanted, right?  “Starve the beast” and all that? Run government like a business? Fine. Let’s close the public schools and health clinics and turn them into liquor stores and car lots.

 Californians are about to find out what happens when government closes up shop and the corporations take over. I’m sure that the compassionate and caring banks, insurance companies, and health care corporations will take good care of us all. If you have money, be prepared to be fleeced; if you don’t have money, be prepared to be out on your ear. Here at California Inc., it’s always “pay to play.”

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