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Avoid the green-eyed monster, unions 

San Luis Obispo

Responding to Roger Smith’s opinion, “American workers deserve respect” (Sept. 15): Workers do deserve respect, but they do not deserve union pay and benefits if they have a poor work ethic. Sadly, when union workers get special benefits, it often diminishes opportunities for competitive positions for non-union members. Also, government should never get involved with providing special privileges to anyone, CEOs or labor. To determine who is paying their fair share is between business leaders and their voluntarily organized labor only.

Workers should absolutely organize to negotiate what is reasonable with their employer. But just as many accuse greed as the root of our problems, envy is just as evil and destructive.

I personally know non-union workers who have had bad experiences with members. One was forced to pay union dues even though he didn’t want membership. Also, he was told that they had to work slow because they had eight hours to do two hours’ worth of work!

Two more people I know had their tires slashed and windshields broken for working at the Morro Bay Albertsons during the strike a few years back. One was followed home. All because they needed money and were willing to work at a lower wage. The recent “Longshoreman Revolt” is another example of union violence. Envy?

Union members, be wary of leaders (union or politician) exploiting you to further their gains of power. Government enforcing “fairness” is dangerous to liberty.

Unions should always avoid violence and stay away from the green-eyed monster.

-- Greg Larson - San Luis Obispo

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