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Ask the tough questions about water 

Why is it, as the American people, we are willing to spend billions of dollars on machines of war but do nothing about a drought that within one year may close down the farm fields of California? Why is it, as Americans, we pretend there is no human affect on our Earth and its resources, all the while the state that produces easily 60 percent of our nation’s vegetables, fruits, and nuts is soon to go dry? Why is it our governments at the local, state, and federal levels have not allocated monies to build desalination plants along our coastlines and/or water pipelines from wet states? Why don’t we require our large oil producers to run parallel pipelines along their right-of-ways and deliver water as they deliver oil and natural gas?

Why do we cover our dry hillsides with vineyards and crops that demand copious amounts of water? Why are farmers spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to drill deeper and deeper wells looking for water that, once it is gone, will never return?

Why is it we do little to nothing about cutting our individual water usage by 25 percent? Why is it we pretend the rains will eventually come and all will be well?

What will we do when all the water is gone?

-- Ethel Landers - Nipomo

-- Ethel Landers - Nipomo

-- Ethel Landers - Nipomo

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