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A warning to Congressional Dems and the irrelevant media 

There is an age-old tactic employed by insecure people. Try in every way to belittle another person in order to make yourself look better, smarter, or more important.

I have a warning for congressional Democrats and their media. Stop your incessant attacks on President Donald Trump. If you want to get America's respect, then earn it. Do something, do anything that helps the American people. Despite what you may think, most of us out here are not stupid.

We see an economy blazing away, better than it has been in decades. We see unemployment at its lowest. We see North Korea at least talking with us now.

Stop the impeachment blather and do what we sent you there to do. Govern for us. You know, "We the people." Stop acting like the kid who lost the game, calls the winner a cheat, and takes his ball home.

Also, explain how 76,000 illegal immigrants crossing into our country last month is a "manufactured crisis." You do a lot of talking about "comprehensive immigration reform," but talk is all you do. Why didn't you pass such a thing when you controlled Congress and the White House?

To you media people. You are becoming irrelevant. When you report nothing but negative news about the president or tie his name to any story that casts him in a bad light, eventually I stop believing or reading what you print or say. Is he a perfect president? Of course not. He's a man. No man or woman is perfect.

Who in Congress or the media could stand up to an investigation into their life, backed by unlimited funding with no limit on how many people could dig into their past. Would they find something on Nancy, Maxine, Chuck, you, or an acquaintance? Highly likely.

Ellis Romero

Santa Maria

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