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A couple of things ... 

Anna Plotkin's opinion piece ("At the crossroads," March 9) is a poignant and inspirational tale of legal immigration, which very few people oppose. Her last paragraph, however, has no relationship to her experience. She didn't take illegal shortcuts to become a resident of our great nation.

For two weeks in a row, the Shredder has called out the liberals who are displaying self-destructive behavior. Please stop doing that! As a conservative, I'm enjoying their rants, and they are shredding the respect I once had for most progressives.

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Should Arroyo Grande use eminent domain to repair the Traffic Way bridge? 

  • Yes! The bridge serves the public, and repairs are essential.
  • No—that's private property, and seizing it is government overreach.
  • Maybe, but there's much more the city should do first.
  • What's eminent domain?

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