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Tom J. Bordonaro Jr. - Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County chair 

NEW TIMES: Do you know any jokes involving lipstick?

BORDONARO: Your mama is so fat she puts her lipstick on with a paint roller.

NEW TIMES: In one sentence, who is a Republican in 2008?

BORDONARO: A Republican is a fiscally responsible, security-minded individual who believes in lower taxes and smaller government.

NEW TIMES: What have you seen in the presidential race that’s made you cheer? What’s made you cry?

BORDONARO: On the floor of the RNC convention floor, I cheered at Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech and shed tears of compassion and respect when I heard John McCain’s story of his triumph over his POW ordeal.

NEW TIMES: How is the changing world of online media affecting politics, for better or worse?

BORDONARO: Both. For better because voters have access to more data than 30 second sound bites so that they make sound decisions. For worse because anonymous bloggers and e-mails trash candidates’ character without any truth or accountability.

NEW TIMES: How do Republicans take back D.C.?

BORDONARO: In 1994, the people of America sent Republicans to D.C. to change the face of government, but government changed many of them. We need to show that we are truly reformers that will not fall victim to politics as usual.

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