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Questions For: Tory Campbell 

Buffalo Tavern bartender

NEW TIMES What's the most popular drink in SLO?

CAMPBELL A shot of Jameson.


NEW TIMES What's the most outrageous experience you've had with a drunk customer?

CAMPBELL An older couple comes in when there's a younger crowd, and they sneak off into the bathroom to have sex.


NEW TIMES What's the weirdest tip you've ever received?

CAMPBELL A lady who owns a salon in town gave me a gift certificate for a free tan at her place that she owns. No cash tip, just a coupon for a free tan.


NEW TIMES What's the nastiest thing you've had to clean up?

CAMPBELL At 4 p.m., on Sunday Funday, out in front of the restaurant, ’cause two guys were switching their clothes, and the girl that was with them told them that she was going to puke. Then she projectile vomited all over the ground, and I had to go inside and get a pitcher of water to clean it off. I accidentally splashed the vomit water into a BMW.


NEW TIMES What's the weirdest thing you've seen a customer do?

CAMPBELL Three guys took a tequila shot, snorted the salt, and squeezed the lime in their eyes. That was pretty weird.


NEW TIMES What's your favorite drink?

CAMPBELL A shot of Jager, then a Redbull. The only things I drink are a shot of Jager or a bottle of Coors Light.

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