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Questions For: Ryan East 

customer services/online consultant at Boo Boo Records

NEW TIMES What got you into music in the first place?

EAST My older siblings, really. I was always looking up to them and what they were listening to. My parents were no help in that department. My dad only played two bands.


NEW TIMES What did your siblings listen to?

EAST My oldest brother listed to a lot of reggae. My middle brother listed to bands like Tool, Faith No More, and Dinosaur Jr. That kind of thing.


NEW TIMES What kind of music can't you stand?

EAST Pop and country music is my least favorite. New country has some cool stuff coming out.


NEW TIMES Have you ever heard of music and food pairing? 

EAST That sounds like something a refined gentleman would be into. Like Frasier Crane. I've heard of beer and music pairing ... and there's beer and food pairing ... .


NEW TIMES Has anyone thrown a tantrum here?

EAST We don't see that too much. The vibe here doesn't really give well to tantrums. Sometimes people off the street that aren't into music, they just want to watch the world burn.


NEW TIMES Do you have any eccentric regulars? 

EAST Without naming names, we've got a couple who are cool to see. Others that are not so cool to see—it's all part of the landscape.


NEW TIMES Have you ever gotten in a brawl at a concert?

EAST The closest would be subjecting myself to the pit, but now I'm more of a bar patron.

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