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Questions For: Mary Sage Sennewald 

Co-owner Sukha Wellness Center

NEW TIMES Can you tell me a little bit about the Rumi's Poetry w/ quartz crystal bowls event at the Sukha Wellness Center?

SENNEWALD Barbara [Perry] plays 16 Alchemy (ruby, amethyst, white gold, emerald, and citrine) Crystal Bowls. Each bowl is a musical note and each note has a color that corresponds to our energy centers (chakras). Crystal sound clears negative energy and restores balance through our heart center, where all thoughts arise.

NEW TIMES Your website says that your mission is to be a guide, if you will, for those “exploring wellness,” so what does it mean to be well?

SENNEWALD Wellness is a whole life process and starts with increasing awareness of the body, mind, and spirit. Moving in the direction of wellness means different things to different people but it’s essentially healing from any type of disease that we experience. Disease is the body and/or mind being out of balance and may manifest as illness, stress in relationships, depression, etc. Exploring wellness means looking at what we are taking in and how that’s making us feel. Intake includes food consumption, thought habits, exercise, etc.

NEW TIMES What is recommended to practice a more well life?

SENNEWALD Take time for personal growth every day whether it means going to yoga, walking the dog, eating leafy greens, or reading Rumi poems. Find what helps to bring you back to your true nature.

NEW TIMES How does the poetry of Rumi promote growth and wellness?

SENNEWALD Barbara’s love of the mystical poet Rumi, known as the poet of the heart, combined with the ethereal vibrational sound of the crystal bowls take you “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there” to quote Jalaluddin Rumi.

NEW TIMES How do the quartz crystal bowls help promote wellness?

SENNEWALD Our bodies are crystalline in structure; each crystal bowl produces overtones, which resonate within our crystalline structure (cells and organs) that produce sound waves that restore our cells and organs back to their natural rhythm. The therapeutic effects of an internal sound massage brings relief of tension and stress held in the body as well as calming the mind, centering ones focus, and restoring energy and bringing peace and harmony within.

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