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Questions For: Josh Hillinger 

actor and comedian

NEW TIMES What kinds of acting have you done in your career?

HILLINGER I have the most experience as a stage actor, though I am taking steps toward being in film and television. I performed in the off-Broadway production of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding in San Francisco for two years, and I am currently cast in the Hollywood production as well. Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding will be coming to SLO in late December. I host improv, sketch comedy, and variety shows around Los Angeles and will be hosting the web-series Challenge LA about restaurants around the L.A. area. I'm in a movie about war and a Discovery channel special about zombies.


NEW TIMES I understand that you have had the opportunity to work with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of the cult [adult swim] TV series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! as well as former SLO resident “Weird Al” Yankovic. What were your experiences working with them?

HILLINGER: I got to work with them all with SF Sketchfest. Tim and Eric put on a great show, yet very bizarre—as expected. I like them a lot, but I wish they were nicer to the other performers on the show. David Liebe Hart wasn't even allowed into the same green room as them. Weird Al was especially nice and friendly, and very quick. You know who's really nice also? Tim Heidecker's wife. She knows where all the best macaroni and cheese is in the city.


NEW TIMES Could you please explain who David Liebe Hart is?

HILLINGER David Liebe Hart is a ventriloquist singer who performs on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and travels with their company. I don't think he knows why people enjoy him as much as they do. I own a signed copy of his Christian Science rock album.


NEW TIMES Tell us more about that upcoming movie you're appearing in.

HILLINGER It's a “political thriller” with a lot of helicopter stuff and missiles. Its working title is Hella America.

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