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Los Osos bears witness 

Wading knee deep in litigation, it's time for Los Osos to flush or get off the pot

With the idyllic coastal community of Los Osos ready at last to roll out the bulldozers and pave the way for a cleaner, brighter future, what better time to take a nostalgic look back at the last 10 months of progress.

By our estimates, no fewer than a dozen lawsuits related to the Los Osos CSD have been filed in the last 10 months. Some participants just brush it off and say that democracy is messy business, but I say, "Grow up, already!"

Enough is enough. If the children can't behave, then it's the parents' duty to call time out. The time has come for San Luis Obispo to disband the Community Services District altogether and put the petulant pooh people back under the paternal jurisdiction of the county.


A Timeline of Troubled Waters, or You call this progress?

October 2004

CCLO (Concerned Citizens of Los Osos) files anti-sewer lawsuit demanding further evaluation of proposed sewer site.


Lisa Schicker and Julie Tacker elected to CSD by landslide margin on a Move-the-Sewer platform.


Lynne Corenbaum sues CSD, claiming on-the-job discrimination.

February 2005

CSD hires Marvin "Chuck" McClenahan (husband of CSD secretary Pat McClenahan) to observe CSD meetings and ensure public security.


Anti-sewer side sues to revoke Coastal Development permit for wastewater project. Case rejected in April


CSD representatives demand retraction from Father Heibar Castaneda, whose parish bulletin included unfavorable comments on the CSD.

April 19

CSD Directors Le Gros and Gustafson request restraining order against anti-sewer advocate Richard Margetson. Case dismissed in July.


Director Tacker sees CSD secretary Pat McClenahan wave her middle finger toward an unruly public at a CSD meeting. No charges filed.


CCLO sues CSD claiming it needs a 4-5 vote to approve sewer bids.


CSD announces plans to sue anti-sewer extremist Budd Sanford for interfering in construction bidding process. Case pending.


CSD Recall initiative filed. Election slated for Sept. 27.

April 21

Sharon Fredericks charged with assaulting anti-sewer advocate Jan Dergarabedian at a CSD meeting. Case pending.

April 27

Al Barrow files a Move-the-Sewer initiative to give Los Ososians a change to vote on the location of the sewer.


CSD takes the Move-the-Sewer initiative to court to challenge its legality.


CCLO seeks help from ACLU in case of civil rights violations by CSD against citizens.


CSD charges antisewer activist Joey Racano with trespassing. Case pending.

July 21

Bruce Buel threatens to arrest Director Tacker for attempting to attend a sewer-related CSD staff meeting.


Pandora Nash-Karner distributes a confidential e-mail in which she accuses Tacker and Schicker of revealing confidential information.


Coming soon...

Sept. 27 special election

Pro-sewer stalwarts hope to thwart Move-the-Sewer initiative before the election. In a separate vote on the same ballot, the move-the-sewer camp hopes to recall 3 CSD directors and derail the downtown sewer/playground project.

To learn more, contact the CSD, but don't bother General Manager Bruce Buel - he's got no time for you. Newly hired Public Information Officer Mike Drake is available to answer all your questions at 528-9436. But Drake - still pretty wet behind the ears with wastewater - might prefer you go through his secretary, Anne, at 528-9328.

Staff Writer Jeff Hornaday has the heart of a child and the mind of an amoeba. Reach him at [email protected].

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