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This will come as no particular surprise, but New Times is full of aspiring writers, living their dreams at least in part through weekly publication. But there are far more folks like us, in places both damp and sunny, nibbling pensively on Cheetos between thoughts deeper than the well Lassie rescues children from. Sometimes, those writers even attempt to pit their skill with a quill against one another in a mortal combat known colloquially as a “writing contest.” 

One such contest is hitting the Central Coast now, and you’d better believe you’re about to hear about it. The Central Coast Writer’s Conference is an annual event at Cuesta College full of talent and promise that aims to help those with a hankering for the written word do any of a wide variety of necessary tasks. Workshops range from character development to self-publication, and wouldn’t you know it, the conference’s Central Coast Writing Contest has begun! 

Entries, which must be turned in by no later than midnight on July 15, can be for any of several categories, which include: flash fiction (short stories of 500 words or less), short fiction, poetry, and, beginning this year, screenwriting! Rules state that poetry must be 40 lines or fewer, short fiction between 1,000 and 1,200 words in length, Screenwriting up to two pages in length. Finally, the prompt to be written around: “the final word.” 

Each entry must depict this theme, as interpreted by the writer. Now, there are indeed prizes for the winners, cash payouts that range from $50 to $1,000. Further details on this wonderful contest can be found on its website ( and/or Facebook page. 

Each work will be surveyed by a panel of judges, made up of all manner of people from the writing world, be they editors, publishers, award-winning authors, or what have you. This is going to be an excellent opportunity to get exposure, and yet not just exposure, as is often the dreaded case for artists submitting work to others. Give the contest a try, and remember, don’t let your dreams stay dreams

Contributor Lola White-Sanborn once tried to write a poem but discovered quickly that poems write HER instead. Send her your collegiate news via [email protected]!

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