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Readers may recall a column I wrote sometime last year about a Cuesta College phenomenon (do doo do doo do) overwhelming the Cuesta Cafe with the triumphant odor of nerd culture—in other words, the reek of geek. Cafeteria-goers are probably aware that Magic: The Gathering, the original and ever-popular collectible card game, has a loyal banding established in one of the corners that continues to grow as more people find out that they are not alone in their appreciation for what can be truly referred to as both a strategic and social brand of hobby and “cardboard crack.”

Gaming is, in general, a wonderful way to meet and connect with people, relieve stress during tense times, and even exercise the old gray matter in unique and constructive ways. The trashy attitude or even social awkwardness often associated with gamers is a stereotype that the very nature of gaming itself finds issue with (besides, seriously, everyone is different) and for those who think a few laps of Mario Kart or a solid half hour of Cards Against Humanity would improve their week considerably, I am pleased to direct you to the latest club at Cuesta College, known as Cuesta Gaming.

As I hope you can tell by this point, this new club is not in any way, shape or form strictly one for Magic: The Gathering. Board, console, and even other card games will be available for club members to enjoy as they interact, perhaps with new students they have not met before. The requirements for membership are that you are actively enrolled as a Cuesta College student and that you pay the club’s $5 entry fee, a fee that will go toward such things as more available games and possibly even events in the future. This membership provides you access to games as well as certain other benefits, like food when available. If you’d like to get into the world of Magic, for example, members have been throwing cards together into a pool from which you can construct your first deck. And of course, if there is a game you’d love to be involved with that isn’t currently offered, then bring it to see if you can get some new players! You may be introducing more Awesomogens into their blood stream, chemicals known to lower blood pressure and which in high enough doses actually grant superpowers. For more information on Cuesta Gaming, 
please contact CuestaCollegeGaming

Intern Chris White-Sanborn declares the Shredder as his Commander. Send your collegiate news to [email protected]

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