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It is a bright, sunny day. The ocean glimmers radiantly and the temperature seems just right. A slow fog tiptoes in the distance across the sand, trying its best to not burn its feet. From somewhere behind a rock a short distance offshore, a delicate strain of music wafts about, alluringly.

That the California coast will boast the occasional deadly mermaid is a given. Less obvious is the zombie colony underneath the Mission, even though graffiti clearly warns of its existence. As your family-owned car glides past the miles of shoreline, a gentle daze overcomes you.

“Heh, the beach,” you say. “Funny, as a native of this area, I sure haven’t gone to the beach in—what is it now—months? Years?” You change lanes instinctively, vividly imagining the embrace of the foam, sun, and sand. In a calm, euphoric daze, you park the car in the spot your mother parked the car, all those years ago.

As you find yourself now changed into a swimsuit, just putting a couple of things on the dashboard, your eyes happen to fall upon a bundle of papers. You recognize them as assignments and study guides that you have yet to look over and complete. The playful, sweet aria, which just a moment ago seemed the perfect hammock to recline yourself on, brings a chill of sadness to a part of you that, somehow, you had briefly forgotten that you had. You sit back in the driver’s seat, taking in the turquoise ripples and robin’s-egg sky, which is beginning to radiate with the peach pajamas it puts on before turning in for the night. Slowly, reluctantly, you buckle in once more, heading back toward home.

“Just one more week,” you tell yourself. “I can do this.” And so you can, Cuesta-goer. So you can. Soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy a hard-earned summer break, so don’t give up or give in! You’ve got just a little ways to go. You can make it.

As for you, Cal Poly students, it’s time to blitz through the Final Four. You could even call them the Elite Four and approach each like a themed Pokemon battle. Good foes include Sleep Deprivation, Unfinished Homework, Final Projects, and Caffeine Withdrawals. Just do your best to eat healthy and, while you shouldn’t just give up or procrastinate too badly, do remember to take a few breathers, taking walks around the grounds and rescuing freshmen from dumpsters. You can do it.

Intern Chris White-Sanborn would like to congratulate this year’s Cuesta graduates. Send your collegiate news to [email protected].

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